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If you're a prime contractor looking to connect with SBE, DBE, DVBE, WBE, or other local subcontractors, we can help you fulfill your outreach goals.

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Sub Bid Ads screen
Sub Bid Ads screen

Why choose Sub Bid Ads?

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You're in full control

Easily create and maintain your Sub Bid Ad. You are in full control of the information posted and the diversity groups you outreach to.

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Only pay for what you need

Pay per ad and only select the options you're interested in. No annual subscription required.

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Publish instantly

Sub Bid Ads are posted instantly and outreach email notifications are sent to your targeted vendors.

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Good Faith Effort Report

Track your outreach efforts in real time. A summary of the Sub Bid Ad detail, email notifications, and ad views are available for you to download at any time.

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Target specific vendors

Get the most out of your Sub Bid Ad and target specific vendors to meet your project goals. Whether you're seeking SBE, DBE, DVBE, or WBE subcontractors to meet your diversity goals or local contractors with specific licenses, we've got you covered.

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Link your Sub Bid Ad to the project

If your Sub Bid Ad is for a project on PlanetBids, we will automatically link it to the project for further outreach. Simply select the agency and project from the lists provided.

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Vendorline app preview
Vendorline app preview

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GCs win at least one bid within their first year


GCs win at least one bid within their first year


GCs win at least one bid within their first year

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